SINEORA supports The Futures Project for the UN’s 75th anniversary

by | Nov 27, 2020 | News

We have the great honor to announce our support for “The Global Open Call to Action for Innovators for the Future“, led by The Futures Project as part of the United Nations 75th Anniversary Global Conversation Initiative.

The Futures Project is an association aiming to promote projects that place new technologies at the service of the general interest. To do this, they have launched a major call for projects for entrepreneurs carrying ideas related to sustainable development, Health and Well-being, Access and Inclusion, Education and everything that appeals to Tech for Good in general.

Our CEO, Kimiko Imai, is one of the jurors for the final selection of projects, she will also mentor together with other jurors for the finalist companies. For more information, please visit the website of “The Futures Project“.

The year 2020 is, more than ever, demonstrating the need for international cooperation on innovation, on protection of communities and environment, as well as on economic and social stability.

It’s also the 75th anniversary of United Nations. Since its creation in 1945, United Nations is consistently promoting initiatives for sustainability, diversity, and governances for a better global society.

SINEORA’s activity is in line with this approach. If our motto is innovation, the spirit of our company is definitely to encourage the use of technologies, innovations to benefit humanity as a whole. By supporting startups in their international development, we want to facilitate the exchanges among entrepreneurs from different genders, social or ethnic origins, degrees and religions. We believe that new technologies such as AI, blockchain, and robotics can, if we use for good purpose, help humanity to face the new challenges in 21st century and after.

Even after the project submission period, if you are developing an innovative project related to AI, blockchain, robotics, industrial IoT, or B2B software, and if the issue that you try to solve is related to sustainable development, diversity, and Tech for Good, please feel free to contact us at

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